With the CPI system you can pay with a credit card at the copier or printer. Works like a coin-op device but accepts credit and debit cards for prints and copies. Also allows for cash payments at the copier. The ideal pay per print solution for any unattended cashless print vending
application. The CPI system also works on fax machines and bills fax pages sent to a credit card.  The system  charges per minute on the Internet and pages printed once a credit card is swiped. The CPI system is ideal for colleges, hotel business centers, retail stores, libraries and any
location where a pay per print is needed.  The CPI system is manufactures by Copy Network In Melbourne, FL. Unattended vending machine for copiers and printers. Ideal for college copy vending and business centers. Pay at the copier with a credit card, self service pay per print,  for  
unattended self serve setups.  Use instead of coin op devices. Coin-op is the old, CPI is the update and new method for payment by credit card . Ideal self service device for the modern business center direct deposit into owner's bank account          Basil Makhoul
Alice Walker
Executive Business Center Manager
Adolphus Hotel - Dallas
Intercontinental Hotel - Dallas
"If you want a self service device for your Business Center, this is the
one. I went through several Automated Systems and this is the only
one that is Complete, Accurate Billing, Automated and user friendly."
Unattended 24hr Business Center
Unattended 24hr Business Center
Multifunction interface provides for:
Copies, Prints, Scans and Faxes