With the CPI system you can pay with a credit card at the copier or printer. Works like a coin-op device but accepts credit and
debit cards for prints and copies. Also allows for cash payments at the copier. The ideal pay per print solution for any
unattended cashless print vending application. The CPI system also works on fax machines and bills fax pages sent to a
credit card.  The system  charges per minute on the Internet and pages printed once a credit card is swiped. The CPI system
is ideal for colleges, hotel business centers, retail stores, libraries and any location where a pay per print is needed.  The CPI
system is manufactures by Copy Network In Melbourne, FL. Unattended vending machine for copiers and printers. Ideal for
college copy vending and business centers. Pay at the copier with a credit card, self service pay per print,  for  unattended self
serve setups.  Use instead of coin op devices. Coin-op is the old, CPI is the update and new method for payment by credit
card . Ideal self service device for the modern bu business center direct deposit into bank account

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CPI system Desk Top
F. A. Q.
Almost all copiers, printers and fax machines are compatible with the system. Call for specific models.  

The CPI system can charge for B/W and Color on 3 different paper sizes, allowing up to 6 different prices.   

The CPI system can operate on either phone line or Ethernet connection. Up to 7 systems can share the same line.

First Data, TRX and Chase Paymentech have the proper software. (Call for current list)

     Special small ticket item rates are available from the above Merchant providers.  Call for current rates

Any bank issued credit or debit card, in addition to Reloadable Prepaid Debit cards.

           To share a printer with multiple computers, a print release Station is required.
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     The CPI system terminates a session when the maximum idle time is reached. (optional)

    All deposits (batch downloads) can me monitored 24/7 on the merchant website.

For non credit card users, the CPI system allows cash payments at the register by a remote activation process.

                   The system electronically monitors the Fax line and bills per Transmitted Fax page.

The CPI system can accurately process up to 462 copies or prints per minute.
F. A. Q.
Which copiers or printers?

Charge different prices?

Phone line or Ethernet?

Which processing companies?

What are the processing rates?

What cards to use?

Multiple computer stations per CPI?

Forget to press Green button?

How to track or monitor sales?

What if no credit card?

How does the CPI system bill for Faxes?

Max CPI print speed?
( 1 ) - Swipe card         
( 2 ) - Select document         
( 3 ) - Print  

The CPI system can provide a credit card payment option for print
release stations for multiple computer terminals.

The print job is stored and displayed at the Print Release computer.
Once a credit card is swiped the system enables the mouse and
keyboard allowing access to the document. The CPI will then charge
for all printed pages.

When the print job is finished, the CPI system will disable the printer
and provide a receipt showing the number of prints made and sale

Why use a Print Release Station?

Paying for prints is not the same process as paying for copies. With
copies the student is there at the copier controlling how many copies
made and to be charged on his credit card. While printing, if not
managed by a print release station to stop the prints unless a card is
swiped, first all prints will be printed from any computer without a
means to pay for and 2nd, someone using the printer will be charged
for someone else's prints if they happen to come through at the
same time. Therefore it is necessary to have a print release station
to control and manage prints generated from several computers.
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